15 Top Rated Hostels In Nha Trang 2020

Located along the beautiful coastlines of the South China Sea, Nha Trang in Vietnam is a favourite among travel destinations for backpackers. It is renowned for its white sandy beaches, thriving coral reefs and clear waters that are home to an abundance of aquatic life. Be it feasting on local seafood or spending the day soaking the fresh sunshine on the beach, or even the town’s world-class nightlife entertainment, bustling hostels in Nha Trang are a must to be in.

Tourists here, can undertake several recreational activities, (especially water sports), walk amidst the awe-inspiring salt fields, take mineral rich mud baths, enjoy the picturesque views of waterfalls or pristine beaches.

One can also smack off the popular Vietnamese cuisine or the fresh seafood that would surely leave you craving for more. Indeed, Nha Trang is not Vietnam’s seafood capital without no reason! Other cultural sites and tourist spots in Nha Trang include Po Nagar Cham Towers, Long Son Pagoda and White Buddha, Nha Trang Cathedral, the famous Nha Trang backpacker street (mainly popular for drinks) and many more.

While travelling and witnessing the cultural and scenic heritage of a place forms an essential part of travelling, for serious travellers, getting to know others’ experiences is important in equal parts and staying in some of the best hostels, instead of hotels is a great way to do so, without having to compromise on comfort, luxury and amenities.

Here are the best backpacker hostels to stay in, in Nha Trang Vietnam:

Livin’ Hub Apartment

Livin’ Hub Apartment

Perhaps the best among the hostels of Nha Trang, Livin’ Hub offers an urban apartment-style stay for backpacker groups and even families. The property is spacious with highly ventilated interiors and modern amenities.

It is ideal for travellers who are looking for budget accommodation that is also luxurious and comfortable. Each of the six large bedrooms consist of a kitchen area, a dining table, a bamboo chair, a private bathroom and two large windows.

Besides, you can also request them for a fridge, dishwasher or utensils. In the common area of the property, you can grab a book to read or interact with the fellow visitors. The hostel also has a minibar and close to the hostel property, you can find other alternatives for food and drinks.

Address: 111/5/12 Hung Vuong, Loc Tho Ward, Nha Trang

Phone: +84 93 553 33 12

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John Homestay Nha Trang

John Homestay Nha Trang best hostel in nha trang

Situated amidst local residential areas with local supermarkets, John Homestay in Nha Trang offers a perfect chance to immerse in the traditional culture and lifestyle of the town. The premises have a number of potted plants around, which give a fresh and cool environment in the interior.

Be it a weekend getaway with family or a backpacking trip with friends, this hostel is a budget-friendly place to stay with all basic amenities such as WiFi access, complimentary breakfast, laundry services, self-catering services with a fully stocked kitchen and so on. The hostel also has a common room and an outdoor terrace.

The hostel offers both private bedrooms and shared dormitories. Indeed, a stay at this hostel is sure to leave you wanting to come again!

Address: 24/10 Nguyen Thien Thuat st., Nha Trang, Vietnam

Phone: +84981819789

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Dhome Nha Trang

Dhome Nha Trang (best hostel in nha trang)

Dhome Hostel in Nha Trang gets full points for its convenient location, cleanliness and luxurious comfort that it offers. This hostel has two types of accommodations – private rooms or dormitory bedrooms with upto 4 beds per room which are also equipped with lockers.

Its central location makes it accessible to all tourist destinations in the city and also, makes the commute shorter.

All the hostel premises are full of indoor and outdoor plants which makes the air pure and fresh and the surroundings, green. In their rooftop bar and restaurant, one can enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the city whilst feasting on traditional Vietnamese cuisine. The hostel grants free Internet access and the booking charges include a free breakfast.

Address:  66/39/8 Doan Tran Nghiep Street, Vinh Phuoc Ward , Nha Trang, Vietnam

Phone: +84 93 233 32 14

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Cafune Coffee Culture Homestay

Cafune Coffee Culture Homestay (best hostel in nha trang)


This homestay in Nha Trang is one of the best stopover options for backpackers and families alike. With its chic, cool and modern interiors, you would feel at home during your vacation.

The hostel has both private as well as shared dormitory accommodations. Each dorm bed is equipped with cozy mattresses, reading lights, an electrical socket, personal lockers and a totally blackout curtain. Each type of room has an ensuite bathroom, with free toiletries and essentials and are equipped with air conditioners.

The hostel is near some of the major attractions of Nha Trang such as the famous food street, Ponagar Cham Towers, the I-Resort Mud Bath etc.. There is also an inhouse café, barbeque, self-catering facilities, an outdoor terrace and an Internet café to cater to your professional needs.

Address: 73/4 Bac Son, Vinh Hai, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa , Nha Trang, Vietnam

Phone: +84 97 290 72 79

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Seaside House Homestay

Seaside House Homestay hostel in nha tarang vietnam

Seaside House in Nha Trang brings to you a truly adventurous stay amidst the city’s dynamism. The pink and blue theme of the hostel interiors make it appear like straight out of a fairytale.

They have private standard and superior bedroom accommodation options. Also, the hostel booking charges include free breakfast and housekeeping. The hostel also has a mini bar, a café and a restaurant. Its location makes it closer to the nearby beach, the supermarket and other important attractions of the city.

The best feature of the hostel is the rooftop area with picturesque views of the sunrise and sunset, overlooking the Nha Trang bay. Here, you can simply relax and refresh yourself by witnessing the bounty of Nature.

Address:  66/39 Doan Tran Nghiep, Vinh Phuoc , Nha Trang, Vietnam

Phone:  +84 349 420 729

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Ku Kid Homestay

Ku Kid Homestay best hostel in nha trang

This bed and breakfast hostel is situated at the heart of the town of Nha Trang and therefore, near to many popular destinations of the town. The homestay hostel provides shared dormitories and private bedroom type of accommodation with WiFi access throughout the property.

The hostel also organizes their self-created tours across the city streets and in some of the popular markets. The hostel also facilitates hiring cars or motorbikes on rent, airport transfers, laundry services, etc..

From the hostel, you can easily walk to the entertainment zones, spa and restaurants which serve authentic Vietnamese cuisine. All these features undeniably make this, one of the top rated hostel in Nha Trang.

Address: 11/8B Nguyen Thien Thuat street, Loc Tho ward , Nha Trang, Vietnam

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iHome Backpackers Hostel

iHome Backpackers Hostel (best hostel in nha trang)

This backpacker hostel, like other hostels in the chain of iHome hostels, is renowned for its urban, sophisticated accommodation facilities that is indeed, much more than just a stay.

Whether you are travelling with friends or family or travelling solo, at this hostel, it’s never going to get monotonous! At this hostel, you can get unlimited free beers for one hour every night at their rooftop bar and meet other, new travellers; they also serve cheap drinks, good cocktails and delicious foods.

You can organize night parties or enjoy the live musical and dance performances at the bar. Common rooms and business meeting rooms are also available at the property, besides other basic everyday amenities.

Address: 31/E2 Biet Thu Street, Nha Trang , Nha Trang, Vietnam

Phone: +84 258 3521 239

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Bondi Backpackers Nha Trang

Bondi Backpackers Nha Trang (best hostel in nha trang)

If you choose to stay at this hostel in Nha Trang, the hosts Phuong and Dave would extend their warm hospitality (plus their stories!) along your way.

The hostel is in close proximity to all means of commuting and is only five minutes away from the beach. The urbanized setting of the hostel includes a plunge pool with a view, a rooftop restaurant and bar, and is equipped with an elevator.

The Bondi Rooftop Pool-Bar-Restaurant offers a free shot of the traditional Vietnamese drink, the Rice Wine at the fixed hour of 6 pm every day.

The entire premises of the hostel have WiFi access and air conditioning facilities are also available. Their hospitable and helpful travels and tours desk would help you make the best of your vacation in Nha Trang.

Address:  Tan Lap, Nha Trang

Phone: +84 98 644 32 42

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Nha Trang Vietnam Backpacker Hostel Ninhvana

Nha Trang Vietnam Backpacker (best hostel in nha trang)

This hostel, located an hour’s drive from the main city of Nha Trang, is a complete backpackers’ package – be it the activities and sports, the food and drinks or the highly affordable prices, the perfect beach side location overlooking the Ninh Van bay and the lush green surroundings, staying at this hostel is sure to recharge you to the core.

Here, the visitors can enjoy playing several recreational sports such as football, pool-table, basketball, beach volleyball or basketball, chill in the hostel swimming pool, watch a movie at the outdoor cinema and dance to the tunes of DJ.

Their budget accommodation varies from private rooms to shared dorms to ocean-view suites. They also have a gym and an outdoor terrace.

The booking charges include complimentary breakfast; however, there is also an inhouse café, restaurant and bar in the hostel. During your stay at this hostel, you can also attend their free Jungle Trekking Tour.

Address: Ninh Van Bay , Nha Trang, Vietnam

Phone: +84 258 3649 569

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Venity Villa Apartment

Venity Villa Apartment best hostel in nha tarang

A large, spacious and luxurious property, Venity Villa Apartment offers a chance to enjoy a luxurious vacation with friends and family.

Fully exposed to sea, luxurious 4 bedroom villas boost the incredibly light, elegant living space with integrated high-end equipped kitchen, generous open air lounge, barbeque facilities, golf field on the top, beautiful infinity pool with jacuzzi overlooking the sea, the mountains and the sparkling lights of the city.

The property is fully WiFi enabled; it also has an outdoor terrace, a mini bar, an outdoor swimming pool and offers commuting services to the guests.

Address: Phố Biển, Vĩnh Hoà, Thành phố Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa, Vietnam

Phone: +84 90 967 39 19

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Backpack Abode

Backpack Abode

Just as its name suggests, this hostel is the humble abode for backpackers in Nha Trang. The hostel has dorm room type accommodation facilities with a maximum capacity of eight beds per room.

All rooms are equipped with air conditioning systems, ensuite bathrooms and offer free access to the Internet. Also, there is an outdoor terrace, book exchange, hot tub, a games room with foosball and an inhouse café right inside the hostel premises.

The common area of the hostel is like traditional drawing rooms of our homes, which in turn, fosters friendships and communication. (Plus, there is also a guitar available in the common lobby area , so you can strum a few soft chords for recreation!)

Address:  79/1 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street Nha Trang Vietnam , Nha Trang, Vietnam

Phone: +84 258 3529 139

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Ccasa Hostel and Coffee Bar

Ccasa Hostel and Coffee Bar

This hostel is a favourite among young backpackers travelling to Nha Trang for a long vacation or a weekend excursion.

The hostel rooms are made to resemble cabin beds on a luxury train, with each room having a window and a bathroom. On the rooftops, there are net beds with comfortable cushions which give the illusion as if one is floating in the sky; here, you can read books, enjoy a chat with friends, or simply relax under the fresh sunshine.

]The common area is located on the ground with exuberant trees and is covered with green vines. There is also a minibar in the outdoor courtyard which offers some delicious snacks and drinks. The hostel is WiFi enabled and if you are travelling with a group, you can also request them for an open barbeque.

Address:  24 Sao Biển , Nha Trang, Vietnam

Phone: +84 258 3838 833

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Vitamin Sea Hostel

Vitamin Sea Hostel in nha tarang

This hostel property, which is spread over five floors, consists of rooms that are spacious, airy and with ample light. It has more of a hotel-like feel, but the vibrant and dynamic common area provides enough opportunity for interaction.

It’s located right in the center of the town which makes it a great way to experience the lifestyle of the town like a local. Just like its name, the hostel’s overall theme is like that of the sea with artworks related to the theme present all around the premises.

There is a café and a minibar right inside the hostel. Both shared and private room settings are available and all over the hostel, you can access free Internet facilities. Plus, the hostel is at a stone’s throw distance from the largest shopping mall of the town.

Address: 39 Yet Kieu , Nha Trang, Vietnam

Phone: +84 94 639 39 20

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Tabalo Hostel

Tabalo Hostel

This backpacker hostel, which attracts tourists from all around the globe, is unique with its wooden interiors and a community-like environment for travellers to engage in conversations.

Like other hostels, it also offers both private and shared dorm type accommodations at very affordable prices. It is located in close proximity to Nha Trang downtown and the beach, which makes it conveniently accessible to major tourist sites and attractions of Nha Trang.

Other basic facilities include, book exchange, free Internet access, bicycle hire and a 24 hour reception and a travels and tours desk.

The hostel is very different from the buzzing environment of other hostels and offers a very peaceful, calm and relaxing atmosphere for a comfortable stay and a comfortable vacation.

Address: 34/2/7 Nguyen Thien Thuat St., Tan Lap Ward , Nha Trang, Vietnam

Phone:  +84 338 511 629

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 Papaya Homestay

This homestay in Nha Trang is going to make you feel like home during your vacation, only with beautiful views of the sunrise overlooking the beach. In close proximity to the hostel are several tourist attractions of the town, such as the Sailing Club, Sailing Centre Vietnam, the Nha Trang Cathedral and the backpackers street.

The hostel offers all the basic amenities such as free Internet access, Ironing board, luggage storage and it also provides commuting services of airport transfers and shuttle bus services.

Accommodations range from private bedrooms to shared dorms of different bed capacities. The hostel also has an inhouse mini bar.

Address: Nguyễn Thiện Thuật 35/47, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Phone: +84 90 523 98 28

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Booking hostels is one of the ways in which travellers can engage in the company of people of their own like. They give you a taste of local culture and gets you to immerse in the traditional and cultural experiences of your travel destination.

Most hostels in Nha Trang are budget friendly and just like the town, these hostels would warmly welcome you and impress you with their hospitality, and needless to say, would give you memorable times to cherish for life.

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