8 Best Hostels to go for while visiting Gili Trawangan

It is true fact that when peace of mind becomes very necessary, traveling to peaceful places works as a cure for it. And when the talk is about peaceful places, the first place that comes into mind is a beach. Beaches are by far perhaps the most peaceful place one can ever be at.
Beaches have something in them which attracts most of the tourists and it is not a surprising fact that the beaches all around the world are liked the most as tourist destinations. And when the beach is a party of an island, the fun is doubled. Am I right?

If we are talking about beaches in Islands, one of the best of such places is the Gili Trawangan. Gili Trawangan is the largest of the island trio of Lombok’s Gili Islands in Indonesia. It has been named as the White Paradise of the Earth as the beaches have powdery white sand clear and clean enough to be slept on! Another name given to it is the Title Capital of the world because the largest of the earth’s turtle population is found on the Gili Islands.
The Gili Trawangan is a small island – but largest of the three! – with a population of around 1500 people. It was a hometown of the seafaring Bugis people from Sulawesi. But before thirty years or so, a group of backpackers discovered it and hence was born the tourist paradise named Gili Trawangan.
It is a fabulous place for a vacation with the sea, beaches and the lush green forest covering the whole island, and a small part of it having the Trawangan town. The Trawangan town is just like any other common cities with all available facilities which would be needed for tourists on a vacation. The recent big addition to the Trawangan Island were the four ATMs built in the three islands as a result of which there will be no shortage of cash during visits!

Some awesome hostels have also been built to provide tourists with good accommodations. Here is a list of some awesome hostels to look out for –

Villa Phyphy 2

VILLA PHYPHY 2 Best hostel in Gili Trawangan

I have no idea why it has the name Phyphy 2, but I can assure you that it is one of the best hostels to live in during a vacation in Trawangan.
The Villa Phyphy 2 is an awesomely built house with almost all facilities available. There is a14 metre lap pool in the centre of the villa and 12 rooms are built on the sides of the pool. The rooms are private rooms with no dormitories available. Amongst these 12 rooms, 7 are double bedrooms and other 5 are twin bedrooms.

The rooms are well built modernized ones with attached private bathrooms and are well air conditioned ones. Free Wi-Fi is available for all. The is a lounge bar with a big satellite TV common for all. As a result, private televisions are not provided in the rooms.
The beach is at 3 minutes of cycling distance from the hostel.

The rental cycles are provided by the hostel itself. Breakfast comes in addition with the booking price and they serve really delicious breakfast! Snorkelling trips can be booked through the hostel as well! There is no such stay limit mentioned and payment includes either cash payment or credit and debit card payment on arrival.

Address – Jalan Ikan Perri, Gili Trawangan

Price – Starting from INR 1649

Rating – 9.6/10

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Atlas Gili


The Atlas Gili is a nicely designed hostel which has recurved some really good reviews from the guests who have lived there. It is situated at a perfect location near the harbour hence giving the fresh oceanic vibes to the residents.

The hostel is placed at a walking distance from the harbour. As a result, there is easy access to all the nearby beaches and lush green forest. The best thing about the hostel is a magic which is felt only during the night’s sleep. The night’s sleep is really peaceful thanks to the fresh and chill breeze from the nearby ocean.

The sunset is worth watching from the large roof top. There is a large swimming pool in the hostel premises so that guests can get rid of the heart from the beach! Another feature is the grand restaurant which is multi-cuisine and regular night time events are held in the fully stocked bar.

The rooms are of three types – Private doubles, mixed dorms and female only dorms. All the rooms have attached bathrooms and free shampoo, soap and towels too! All the rooms are air conditioned and there is an air conditioned common chilling place for the guests as well. The roof top is equipped with tanning beds. There is no such stay limit mentioned and the payment includes cash and credit card payment upon arrival. There is no such option for debit card payment.

Address –  Jalan Kepiting Gili Trawangan, Gili Indah, Pemenang, Kabupaten Lombok Utara, Nusa Tenggara Bar

Price – Staying from INR 2083

Rating –9.3/10

Compass Divers Hostel


The Compass Divers Hostel is one of the newly opened boutique hostels on the Trawangan Island and has a lot of positive reviews on its name. The hostel is not to far away from all the fun the islands has to offer. This guests can enjoy all the fun without being late!

As its name goes, the Compass Divers Hostel is known for its personal scuba diving lessons it offers to the guests. All that guests need to do is to enrol their name prior to the classes and they can get the lessons as well. The rooms are both private and dormitories with all of them having attached private bathrooms and free towels and other accessories. All the rooms are air conditioned and hot water is provided in all the rooms.

Tea, coffee and water are provided free all day and included is the complimentary breakfast. Free Wi-Fi is available and a swimming pool is situated inside the hostel premises in case guests need to cool up inside the hostel! The hostel staff is friendly and responsive. There is no mentioned staying limit in the hostel and payment options include cash and credit card payment upon arrival.

Address – Jl Ikan Hiu No 2, Dusun Gili Trawangan, Desa Gili Indah, Pemanang

Price – Starting from INR 625 (dorms) and INR 7810 (private rooms)

Rating – 9.3/10

Phone: +62 823-4156-6105

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My Mate’s Place


My Mate’s Place is the largest hostel on the Trawangan Island and has been voted the Best Hostel of 2019 by the guests.
The hostel is situated at a walking distance of 15 minutes from the beach. The hostel features the largest social area as seen on the island where guests can chill out on the beanbags.

It also features a stocked bar where social events and functions are held every night for the guests. The special attraction of the hostel is the Christmas party which is held every year. The hostel makes the arrangements of the travel of the guests to the local marketplaces and restaurants and bars.
The room types are both private and dormitories. All the rooms are air conditioned and have their own attached private bathrooms.

Unlike other hostels, free Wi-Fi is available in a common area to promote socialisation. Tea, coffee and breakfast come in addition with the booking price. There is no such mention of the staying limit and payment option is cash payment upon arrival only.

Address – Jl. Ikan Dugong, Gill Trawangan, Indonesia

Price – Starting from INR 885 (dorms) and INR 2603 (private rooms)

Ratings – 9.2/10

Phone: +62 818-0577-9466

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The M Box Hostel


The M Box is the third instalment of the ‘M’ series of boutique hostels, after Box and M Gili on the Gili Islands. And the M Box is the largest of all the three, just as the island it is present on is!
It is present at a perfect location and at a perfect walking distance from most of the fun of the island. The hostel is situated in such a place that guests are close enough to the night beach parties and events, but far enough to get a good night’s sleep! They offer five types of rooms, like female dorms, male dorms, private twin, private doubles and Groupies Private room.
Various awesome locations are located at minimal distance from the hostel. Some of these include the Public Harbour which is a distance of 4 minutes of walking, the beach which is 4 minutes of walking, the World famous Sama-Sama bar which is at a distance of 6 minutes of walking etc. Most of the private rooms contain attached personal bathrooms, but the dorms have shared ones. Free Wi-Fi is available everywhere including the rooms and lobby.
There is no such stay limit mentioned and payment is cash or credit card payment upon arrival only.

Address – Jalan Kepiting, Near M Gili, M Trawangan

Price – Starting from INR 678 (dorms) and INR 2346 (private rooms)

Rating – 9.2/10

Phone: +62 813-5333-7351

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Mad Monkey Gili Trawangan


The Mad Monkey is a newly opened resort on the island and is a great one to go for, with only one setback that the building is still under construction.
The Mad Monkey is a beach front resort which faces the harbour which makes it one of the perfect locations to stay in. The hostel stands near the beach and the sandy lands are just a few steps away!

The hostel boasts of a 12 metre infinity swimming pool which has been made facing the beach front. Guests can enjoy the vibrant subsets of the Gili Islands while chilling inside the pool itself! The rooms are both private ones and dormitories. All the rooms have attached private bathrooms and hot water is provided anytime guests need. All the rooms are properly air conditioned and have free Wi-Fi and television.

There is a big multi-cuisine restaurant which serves food at a reasonable price and hosts the regular night time events. The hostel provides rental bicycles so that guests can enjoy the local spots with ease. There is no such mention of any stay limit and the payment option is cash only payment upon arrival.

Address – Jalan Pantai, Gili Trawangan

Price – Starting from INR 782 (dorms) and INR 1564 (private rooms)

Rating – 9.2/10

Phone: +62 823-4082-0907

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Broken Compass


This has been deemed as Gili’s most unique place to stay and has received the award for the Most Popular Hostel present in Gili Trawangan.
It was established in 2015 and is famous for its unique artwork and decors. It has some really cool and awesome facilities to offer. One of them is the presence of two beachfront swimming pools, which are connected to each other through a tunnel.

So all that is needed to do to travel from Base A to Base B is to follow through a tunnel! The big restaurant serves multi-cuisine and delicious food at a reasonable price while the stocked bar has some really chilled beer one can find on the streets. The premises is not very far away from the fun of the islands. The hostel provides rental bicycles for the guests to explore the localities. They also have their own scuba diving centre where guests can learn the art for free.

The rooms provided are both private ones and dormitories. Where the private ones have private attached bathrooms, the dorms have a large but common one which is cleaned three times a day as reported by the staff. Coming to the staff, they are very friendly and helpful and solve the problems faced by the guests within seconds.

The hostel has its own restaurant and bar where events like Pick A Box, live DJ and Pub Quiz are held regulator at night. Other facilities include far and stable Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast, tea and coffee, all for free
There is no such stay limit mentioned and payment is cash or credit card payment upon arrival.

Address – Jalan Ikan Hiu, Gili Trawangan

Price – Starting from INR 886 (dorms) and INR 1929(private rooms)

Rating – 9.1/10

Phone: 075060 71812

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Bleu Verde Hotel – Turtle Point Beach


The Bleu Verde Hotel is a 3-star hotel set in a location which is about 25 metres from the famous beach and sunset point. The hotel has been deemed as the best rated hostel of the year 2019 for the architectural design and facilities. The hotel is basically a wooden structure made from the inspiration of the Dayak people’s tribal long houses and the whole building is rich in culture, colours and details. The main attraction of the hostel is the outdoor swimming pool made facing the sunset point. The entire pool has been designed with geometric tiles and magnificent night lights.

It has dormitories only and no private rooms. These dorms are designed like large huts of the Dayak tribes and have attached private bathrooms and offer free towels and other sanitation. The whole hostel has free Wi-Fi and many dorms have terrace area for the chilling of the guests. Unlike other hostels, all the dorms in the Bleu Verde are Wi-Fi enabled, have a large television featuring about 40 satellite channels, have a kitchen, a dining area and a seating area as well.

The snorkelling spot is at a walking distance of about 5 minutes. The hostel has its own restaurant which serves multi-cuisine breakfast, lunch and dinner at reasonable prices and ample amount and also a stocked bar with live DJ. There is no mention of any staying limit and the mode of payment is cash payment or credit card payment upon arrival. There is no option for debit card payment.

Address – Jl. Ikan Kakap No.8 Gili Trawangan, Desa Gili Indah, Gili Trawangan

Price – Starting from INR 1564

Rating – 9.1/10

Phone: +62 370 6194835

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These were a few hostels to look out for while traveling to the paradise Gili Trawangan.

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